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Our Previous Homeless Veterans

Mark; USN : TM helped transition him, his family and belongings (in storage) from homelessness (living in a hotel room) to Baltimore,MD. TM paid the hotel balance, the storage fees and rental truck one way and he and his 2 daughters are now living in an apt., in a safe neighborhood. Mark's youngest daughter (special needs) could not walk on her own at the time of the move approximately one year ago but through therapy and much prayer she has begun to walk with the help of a walker and the hope is she will be walking on her own before too long. We recently visited with Mark and his girls and helped him to get his vehicle repaired so he can go back to work in the fall once he gets his girls enrolled in school.

Chris; US Army : We ministered to Chris through rehab at the Coatesville, PA. Veterans Hospital over the past year and in April he was discharged along with a retro active payment for his benefits not received to date (a very considerable amount!) We helped him purchase a car and found him temporary shelter while looking for a permanent situation and gainful employment. He is now MIA and we pray for Chris and his family.

The Anderson Family; Lew, USAF : We were introduced to this family about a year ago or more when we were contacted by another veteran family and told us they needed help. Due to circumstances they were being evicted, their vehicle was broken down and they had nowhere to go and lost their jobs because of no transportation. The veteran family that contacted us, took them all in, TM helped them move, bought them a car, did a Christmas drive to bless the family (husband, wife and 3 children). Lew and his wife have been an absolute blessing in that they took what we did for them, went to work and recently earned a raise, and now we are praying that the connections we've made for them will bless this family with a nice home of their own in the near future!

Jason ; US Army; Attended church with us once. MIA, but connected to us. We are praying

Rob ; US Army : Recently moved into his own apartment, occasionally attends church with us.

Scotty ; USMC : Moved in and fully furnished his apt. and attends church with us every week (almost). He is active with classes and support groups at Elsmere V.A. and other. Struggles with past addictions, needs prayer and we continue to be in fellowship. Scott ; US Army : Brain injury survivor, we moved him into an apartment and fully furnished it! He attends church and most of TM events. He has become a brother and a friend and a great asset to us. Recently we have procured some gainful employment as he has yet to receive any vet benefits or disability. (that means NO income whatsoever) Pray for God's favor to receive his drivers license asap as Pastor Ray is providing all his transportation to Doctor appointments, DMV, work , etc. We have also provided much of his financial need. Scott recently received Jesus as Lord and Savior!

Cecil ; US Army : Moved and fully furnished an apt. Provided transportation and support through many court sessions in Dover to clean up his record and move him from homelessness and addictions into a renewed relationship with God. Cecil is now right hand to Pastor Ray, regularly attending church and all TM events. Cecil is still challenged by health issues but we're praying and believing for complete healing. He is a friend and brother to all.

We praise God for what He is doing through TM and for all our wonderful and generous friends who contribute to our success. We are in this together and we pray for you, please keep praying for us.

Pastor Ray B. Seemans Troubadour Ministry



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